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10 Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint

10 Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is real, but not unsolvable. There are many actionable steps you can take, but here are 10 ways you can reduce your carbon footprint ✨


1. Walk More, Bike Less

Vehicles produce 1/3 of ALL U.S. air pollution. Challenge yourself to drive less and walk or bike more.


2. Eat Local & Seasonal

The further your food has to travel, the more of an environmental impact it has on the planet. Support your local farmers and purchase foods that are currently in season.


3. Compost

Food leftovers are impossible to decompose in landfills, and end up creating toxic gasses. Find a compost drop off site near you, or order your own green bin at home.


4. Go Vegan

Meat and dairy is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Try implementing meatless Mondays, and find tasty meals that curb carbon emissions.


5. Buy Vintage

Purchasing clothes that are already in circulation limits emissions during manufacturing and transportation, which in turn saves natural resources and helps keep garments out of the landfill.


6. Wash Less, Wear More

Washing and drying accounts for 2/3 of the environmental impact of a garment. Try washing in cold water with plastic free detergent, and hang dry when able too.


7. Turn Lights Off

Turning our lights off and unplugging devices when they are not in use helps us decrease our energy consumption.


8. Use Renewable Energy

Talk to your local utility provider about using certified renewable energy sources. Whether you have the opportunity to completely go solar, or purchase renewable energy credits for your energy use- there are various ways to curb your carbon footprint.


9. Purchase Carbon Offset Credits for Traveling

Carbon offset providers help capture or destroy greenhouse gases that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere.


10. Get Involved

The most effective solutions to climate change require changes in policy. Join or start an environmental group near you or let your representatives know that you want them to take action.


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