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10 Zero Waste Tips

10 Zero Waste Tips

Living more consciously and in alignment is an area that requires constant growth and nurturing. There may be areas that we are really good at and feel content with and other areas we may see room for improvement, it’s fulfilling to learn and to aim to grow and evolve as our world and life changes. In an effort to help others find ways to cut down on their own waste, here are a few tips on how to eliminate single-use plastics and trash from your daily life.


1. Bag It  

Bring reusable bags on every trip to the store.


2. Take Back The Tap 

Instead of bottled water, use a reusable bottle or glass jar and fill it at the tap.


3. Ditch The Zip 

Store food in glass containers rather than zip-top bags.


4. Pack A Waste-Free Lunch  

Get a lunch box and fill it, rather than buying a meal sealed in plastic.


5. Drift Away From Plastic Packaging 

Buy meat wrapped in butcher paper and keep veggies loose or in a reusable bag.


6. Reimagine Takeout 

Bring your own containers and ask restaurant staff to use them to pack your food.


7. Straws Are For Suckers 

When ordering, say, “No straw, please,” or carry your own stainless-steel straw.


8. Party Plastic-Free 

Treat guests to reusable partyware or serve finger foods that don’t need utensils.


9. Clean Up Your Soap 

Read labels and stop using products containing microbeads.


10. Get Active

Advocate for laws that make businesses accountable for the plastics they produce.


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