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The Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Swimwear

The Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Swimwear

Do you know what your swimsuit is made of? The answer might surprise you. Emerging brands are finding new and innovative ways to create stylish bikinis and one-pieces that are kinder to the environment than their nylon suitors. Old fishing nets and even ocean waste is being repurposed by eco-friendly brands to make sustainable swimwear that’s taking social media by storm.


Opt for natural fibres

As recycled nylon still releases microplastics when washed, some brands have also started using natural textiles. Hemp is great because it is a natural fibre and it’s more breathable on the body. Growing hemp actually enriches the soil and uses way less water than cotton surprisingly.


Look for low-impact dyes

Look for brands that avoid polluting heavy metals, and whose textiles are certified by Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex or Bluesign, which ensure no harmful chemicals have been used.


Hand-wash where possible

Care for your swimwear properly to ensure it lasts. Experts recommend hand-washing your pieces and avoiding direct sunlight when you hang them up to dry, as this can cause the colour to fade. If you are going to machine-wash your swimwear, though, ensure you use a Guppyfriend washing bag or a microplastics filter, as this prevents the harmful particles entering our waterways.


Support brands making a positive impact

Some swimwear brands ensure they’re having a positive social and environmental impact through giving to charity. Whether they’re donating money, vowing to clean up the ocean or focusing on paying their workers more- support brands that are making a positive impact.


Below are a few sustainable swimwear brands to get to know this summer.

Black Tie Bikini
Gia Leopard Bikini
Plunge Swim Top
Aplomb High Waist Suit
The Triangle Top
Marzia Bikini Set
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