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9 Sustainable Lingerie Brands

9 Sustainable Lingerie Brands

Few things are as personal as what we’re wearing under our everyday wardrobe. Our underwear starts our day with us; it should be comfortable, make us feel confident and effortlessly sexy, and—ideally—reflect our values for ethics and sustainability.

There are a growing number of ethical and sustainable clothing brands that respect both people and the planet. But ethical swimwear and ethical lingerie lines—especially ones that make us look and feel fantastic—are fewer and farther between. If you’re ready to update your everyday essentials to brands that are ethical, sustainable, and conscious, check out my favorite eco-friendly underwear lines below.


Made out of Organic Cotton, Everlane focuses additionally on manufacturing at ethical factories with “radical transparency” on what they pay their garment workers.


Made out of Organic & Recycled Cotton, Arak’s underwear collection has something to offer for everyone.




NKI Mode

Made out of silk charmeuse, NKI Mode focuses on creating products that are ethically made and that naturally biodegrade.



Organic Basics

Made out of organic cotton, Organic Basics focuses on creating products that are organically made with an emphasis on paying their garment workers fair wages in addition to employee incentives.



Botanica Workshop

Made out of sustainable silk in Los Angeles, CA – Botanica Workshop is the perfect luxury staple for any lingerie drawer.

Fruity Booty

Based in the United Kingdom, Fruity Booty thrives off making statement lingerie pieces made out of recycled materials and organic cotton.




Made out of recycled plastic water bottles, Naja strives to reduce their environmental footprint by using sublimation and digital printing to save waste water being created in their manufacturing process.


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