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What I’m Wearing This Summer

What I’m Wearing This Summer

Summer is infamous for being my favorite time of year in Sacramento. The weather is warmer, and I’m only an hour and a half away from South Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. I often find myself living a bit of a slower life in the summer. Unless I am meeting for business in a professional setting, I find myself primarily wearing a bit less clothing and going mostly casual. It can get over 105°F in Sacramento, can you blame me?


White Tees

I may have a slight obsession with anything white at this moment, but white tanks and tees have always been a staple of most peoples wardrobes. While white is known to be hard to keep clean, it always is somewhat refreshing when it actually is.



Gold Accessories

I don’t own a million jewelry pieces, but I have recently been acquiring more gold chains that I am able to accessorize in an array of places. The best thing about the gold chains that I snagged from my favorite thrift store, is that I can style them as a necklace, across my waist or even break down around my boots or hang on my wrists. Talk about versatility!



Denim Shorts

Cutoffs are my absolute favorite fashion statement. I have even gone as far to include them in my winter wardrobe when the weather isn’t too chilly. The great thing about denim is that it goes with just about EVERYTHING, and when you find the perfect pair of cutoffs it just makes sense to wear what fits you best.


What are your favorite vintage pieces this summer? Let me know below!

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