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The Best Places To Shop For Eco Friendly Home Decor

The Best Places To Shop For Eco Friendly Home Decor

If you plan on cultivating an eco-friendly oasis with a combination of vintage decor and fair-trade products, then you need to check out these ethically sourced and environmentally friendly brands. From couches to rugs to wall art, these eco-friendly home decor products offer something for every type of aesthetic. With so many possibilities, redecorating your home has never been more exciting!



Based In | Brooklyn, NY

Ethics | Fair trade, local maker, & organic collections, Fair Trade USA retailer, sustainable materials

Product Range | Furniture, rugs, lighting, bedding, decor, art & storage

Price Range | $$–$$$$


As a leader in sustainability, West Elm was the first home retailer to join Fair Trade USA in 2014. Stylish home design and decor are crafted from materials that are FSC-Certified, recycled, GREENGUARD certified, Better Cotton certified, and more. West Elm makes shopping according to your values easy. You can search for products that are handcrafted, Fair Trade, organic, certified non-toxic, or locally made.



Based In | Sacramento, CA

Ethics | All wood products come from FSC-certified forests, many other products are made out of bamboo and organic materials

Product Range | Furniture and storage

Price Range | $$$-$$$$


The company’s mission is to create sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly furniture that will not end up in a landfill. Medley Furniture offers high quality items that are crafted from materials that are clean and sustainable as possible. Not only is this beneficial to the environment, it’s great for your home too.



Based In | Rockville, MD

Ethics | Secondhand is the most sustainable option available

Product Range | Some of the coolest vintage treasures

Price Range | $


Thrift stores, like Goodwill, offer the most sustainable option available: secondhand items. Instead of tossing these items into a landfill, Goodwill gives them a second chance in another home. Additionally, Goodwill has implemented a number of environmentally friendly practices. For example, Goodwill partnered with Keep America Beautiful on the Give and Go college-move out program, which was created to reduce waste and inspire students to live more sustainably. Thanks to this campaign, campuses reported that more than 220,000 pounds of waste were redirected from landfills in 2014.



Based In | Brooklyn, NY

Ethics | Certified B Corp, renewable energy-powered, sustainable finds, carbon-offset shipping

Product Range | Vintage & one-of-a-kind furniture, rugs, lighting, cook/drinkware, & home decor

Price Range | $–$$$$


Etsy is a wonderful platform to use when supporting small businesses, fair trade artisans, and sustainable sellers. From Victorian-style frames to 19th century prints, Etsy offers a great selection of vintage decor. Though there are nearly a million items for sale on the platform, finding exactly what you are searching for is easy thanks to their filters. Additionally, Etsy offsets all carbon emissions from shipments. So you can enjoy your sustainable decor without any guilt.

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