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7 Unique Airbnbs in Northern California

7 Unique Airbnbs in Northern California

The time has come, holiday is around the corner and everyone will soon start looking for the best place to stay. Hotels seem to be a long time overdue and Airbnb has become a go-to form of accommodation for convenience, unique experiences and more comfort for most people. The options are endless and one can feel like home while relaxing on the beach, hiking through the forest or relaxing on a nice porch in the foothills. 

  1. Treehouse in Vineyard Overlooking Monterey Bay

Los Gatos, CA

If you have ever dreamed about having a tree house in your backyard or actually had one and missing the great times, this is a place for you. This fully equipped tree house overlooking Santa Cruz mountains is a today’s way of glamping. It even has a ladder instead of stairs and a special system for bringing up your luggage.

2. Japanese-Inspired Oceanview Retreat

Stinson Beach, CA


Japan in California? Why not. This Japanese inspired Airbnb is everything you have been looking for if in a need for an exotic getaway close to home. Definitely one of the most beautiful Airbnbs in Northern California.

3. Mushroom Dome Cabin

Aptos, CA

It can not get any better than this. This oasis of solitude is perfect if you are looking for a quiet time in the woods. It has been listed multiple times as one of the most unique Airbnbs in Northern California.


4. Forest Camping Hut

Elk, CA

You may not be a fan of camping and even the idea of spending a night in the forest freaks your out, but be sure that this amazing Airbnb will make you change your mind. Lack of wifi or cell service provides a great opportunity for a social media detox weekend.

5. A Romantic Oasis In Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley Village, CA


Beautiful guesthouse surrounded by parks. Whether you decide to spend the entire time separated from the outside world or choose to explore nearby destinations in Carmel or Big Sur, this place is perfect for a romantic getaway.

6.  Santa Rosa – Eco-Luxury Farmhouse

Graton, CA


Looking for a luxury stay, bored bored of the typical hotel rooms you have seen before? Santa Rosa Eco Farmhouse is one of a kind and allows you to enjoy its Italian designed sauna, beautiful swimming pool and plenty of eco friendly products available at the house.

7. Yosemite – Copper Lodge-A River Retreat

Mariposa, CA


Yomesime National park is a well-known destination and one of the most amazing spots in California. It doesn’t mean you have to get a tent and keep it rough during the entire time you are there. Cooper Lodge is one of the most amazing Airbnbs in Norther California. To complete your quiet clamping experience relax at the outdoor bath.

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