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9 Eco Friendly Area Rugs Made Out Of Natural Materials

9 Eco Friendly Area Rugs Made Out Of Natural Materials

eco friendly area rug

When shopping for eco friendly area rugs, it is important to look for natural and sustainable fibers like wool, jute, sisal carpet, and organic cotton. Pay close attention to the backing and the underlay pads which are often cheaply produced with toxic materials. Natural latex, jute, and wool are great alternatives. Of course, it’s often more complicated than that. Even when safe materials are used, they are often treated in harsh chemicals to repel water and stains. Toxic dyes, glues, and flame retardants are commonly used and very dangerous. Another way to maintain integrity is ensuring they are Good Weave certified, meaning child labor free. It’s a long list.

So here’s a shortcut for when you don’t have time to do all the digging on your own: a list of high-quality eco friendly area rugs you can trust to be safe in your home.

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